Custom Carport: Three Essential Considerations for the Perfect Structure

Posted on: 2 January 2018

If you are thinking about building new parking space in your home, you should consider setting up a carport. This option is beneficial because it is less expensive in comparison to expanding your garage. Also, your carport can be a multipurpose space; you can store gardening equipment, recreational vehicles and workshop tools. If you are building this type of structure for the first time, you might find the process of designing and constructing challenging. Here are some of the critical factors that you should address for ideal results.

Framing Materials

Choosing the right framing material is important for a resilient and durable carport. Therefore, you should compare your options and select the most appropriate choice, depending on your budget, preference and local climate. Wooden frames are appealing, so they will blend and complement most homes. Typically, these timber products are durable. However, the exact lifespan will be determined by the specific type of wood chosen. Aluminium frames is a relatively lightweight material, but it is also quite durable in the residential environment. The metal will not rust in adverse conditions, and the only maintenance requirement is light cleaning. Finally, you can choose galvanised steel which is strong and resistant to corrosion.

Roofing Designs

You should discuss the roofing design options for your new carport with your contractor. Your choice will determine the appearance of the structure, and it could influence the efficiency of roof drainage. When selecting your roofing, you should think about the general design of your carport and the desired visual impact. If you are building a lean-to carport, you can only choose a pent roof. This design has a single sloping surface to channel rainwater. If you are planning on building a freestanding carport, you can install the standard roof with two sloping surfaces and an apex. However, there are some flat roof options in the market if you desire a design out of the norm.

Installation Surface

Finally, you should evaluate and compare the different surfaces on which you can install the carport. The best choice will depend on the local climatic conditions, your finances and the intended application of the structure. If your local area does not experience a lot of rain or snow, you can choose to install your carport on plain dirt. Alternatively, you can pour gravel to enjoy the benefits of cheap foundations without the inconvenience of soil. Under ideal circumstances, you should install a concrete or asphalt surface. These surfaces are low-maintenance, durable and perfect for a residential carport. 

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