Secure your Business with Commercial Locksmiths

Posted on: 11 January 2018

One important role of any business owner or manager is to keep their business interests safe and secure. But how do you go about doing this, when your business premises is accessed daily by one or more employees? Keys tend to get lost, employees tend to 'move on,' and you are left wondering is my business security adequate? Well, if this is the question that has been lingering on your mind, you require the services of reputable 24-hour commercial locksmiths.

Commercial locksmiths offer various services to business premises specifically, and might not necessary perform residential based services. But what are these services? Well, here is a look at some of the services offered by these professionals:

Installing new locks

For accessibility purposes most business premises have doors, which have locks on them for security purposes. These locks are installed by commercial locksmiths, depending on the security needs of the business or number of people using the locks. Types of locks include the traditional keyed locks and the more contemporary keyless entry systems such as mag locks, card access systems and biometrics.

Installing locks in a commercial building might not be a "one off" affair, as assumed by most people. Consider the fact that a disgruntled ex-employee has not given back keys belonging to the file storage room! In such a case it would be safe to have a locksmith install new locks to keep your business information safe and secure.

Duplicating Keys

Lock-outs are quite common in the workplace. In such instances, commercial locksmiths come quite handy, in getting your business back to normalcy by quickly duplicating a key and granting your staff access.

Safe Installation

Safes have become quite common in the modern world of business, as they offer security to precious items and sensitive information. A credible commercial locksmith should be well adept in installing safes: he/she can even suggest areas of your office that would be most secure such as an area on the floor or wall.  In the case of lost safe keys or forgotten passwords, a commercial locksmith can open the safe for you using specialized equipment or simply duplicate keys.

Other services offered by commercial locksmiths include fitting and monitoring security systems on your business premises, such as CCTV cameras. They also make master key systems, which allows easy accessibility to the various doors in a commercial building. They also repair and rekey the existing locks in commercial premises. For more information, contact companies like Border Locksmiths.