3 Things to Look For in Outdoor Carpark Sealing Treatments

Posted on: 24 October 2019

If the surface of your outdoor carpark is getting on in years, then it might not look so good any longer. It may also not work as well as it used to.

A sealant will restore the surface's good looks and make it safer to use. However, not all sealants have the same properties. So, before you choose how to seal your carpark, it's important to find a treatment that has all the features you need. Which features are good to have?

1. Protective Properties

A good sealant doesn't just make a surface look better, but it also gives it some protection from everyday wear and tear. Carpark surfaces often come into contact with a lot of dirt, dust, oil and grease.

Oil and grease pose particular problems as they can sink into old surfaces that have lost their initial protective coating. If your parking spaces are in the open, then they also have to cope with rain pooling and seeping into the surface.

So, look for sealing treatments that make your carpark's surfaces less porous. This prevents substances from sinking into the surface where they can create stains and danger spots.

2. Anti-Slip Properties

A carpark sealant shouldn't be too slippery. You don't want cars and drivers skidding around as they try to park or drive out of the area. This can be a problem in open carparks when rain makes the surface wet.

It's important to apply a sealant that coats your surface without turning it into a hazard. Look for coatings that offer some adhesion or that have anti-slip properties. This makes the surface safer to drive and walk on.

3. Colour Maintenance Properties

Rain isn't the only weather problem you have in an open carpark; the sun also causes problems. The surface colour of your carpark and its line markings may fade in areas where there is a lot of sun. The surface itself won't look so good and the markings may become hard to see or follow.

First, it helps to choose a sealant that can work both on general surfaces and on bonded areas like markings. Second, look for treatments that have UV resistance. The sun won't affect these sealants as much, so the colours underneath them won't fade and will stay clear and visible.

To find carpark sealing treatments to use, contact road sealing companies and ask for advice. They can tell you more about suitable products and how they will work on your surfaces.