Top Low Maintenance Materials to Consider for Your Deck

Posted on: 29 November 2019

The thought of having a deck where you can host parties, have barbie and spend time with family is exciting. However, traditional wooden decks are high-maintenance. If not taken proper care of, wood decks can rot, warp and lose their visual appeal within a few years. The last thing you need is an unsightly space in your backyard.

If you're thinking of installing a deck but aren't so excited about having a wooden one, here are a few low-maintenance materials that you can consider.

Composite Timber Decking

Composite timber is a great wood alternative that offers longevity and low-maintenance. It comprises a mixture of wood fibre, plastic and a binding agent. This combination delivers a material that's denser, heavier and sturdier than wood. Unlike wooden decks, composite ones won't rot, warp or buckle due to exposure to the elements. What's more, the material comes in a variety of colours to suit your outdoor style.

Unlike wood, composite doesn't need regular staining and sealing to prevent damage. You only need to clean it as you do the rest of the home, and you can enjoy a functional, durable and aesthetically appealing deck for many years.

Vinyl Decking

Vinyl is another excellent low-maintenance option for your outdoor living space. Unlike wood, it is not a natural material. Vinyl is a synthetic or plastic material that can be designed and engineered to resemble natural wood. You get the rustic appearance without the cons that come with natural wood. Since its synthetic, the material is not prone to water damage, mould or rot.

Also, unlike wood, it does not stain; thus, this makes it an excellent choice for outdoor kitchens on the deck. The material is also low-maintenance, and you only need to clean the deck as usual. The only downside is that since it's a plastic, vinyl tends to get hot during the summer, and this can accelerate warping. However, installing an awning over the deck can prevent heat damage.

Fibre Cement Decking

Fibre cement is a material made from cement, silica and cellulose fibres. Just like composite timber, this material is incredibly strong and durable due to the use of more than one element. Fibre cement is resistant to UV damage, mould and rot. Unlike natural wood, it is low-maintenance and does not require regular staining and sealing.

You can get a fibre cement decking in wood stain to give the outdoor a rustic look. The only downside is that the installation process is involving. Since there is silica in the material, the deck should be installed using specialised equipment to prevent exposure of silica dust to the atmosphere. 

Low-maintenance doesn't mean poor quality. These are great decking materials that are sturdier, more durable, and easier to maintain than wood. Once you make a choice, contact a professional deck builder for installation services.