5 Ways to Enhance Your Garden Using Leftover Decking Timber

Posted on: 15 January 2018

Building your own custom decking is the best way to make sure your new addition will fit perfectly into your home landscaping. When you've finished the planning stage and you're picking up your timber for the actual build, it's always better to get a bit more than you think you'll need. This allows for any planning mistakes or accidents during the installation.

More often than not, however, this will mean you have some timber left over. If this happens, it normally ends up either being thrown away or kept in the shed forever, but there are plenty of ways you can use it to make your garden even more beautiful. Here are just some of the things you can do.

Raised vegetable garden

Raising up your vegetable patch is all the rage, and all you need to do it is a simple wooden frame. Decking timber is ideal for this, and you don't even need very much of it to do it.

If your veggie growing efforts normally don't go as planned, you could plant something easy and hardy instead, like a herb garden or some low-maintenance flowers.

Tables and benches

All you need is some supports, and you can easily turn those timbers into a sitting or eating surface. Bricks or large stones work well for support columns, or you could just make the whole thing from timber.

You could also use a small table as an outdoor bar, somewhere to put pot plants, or just about anything else that needs a flat surface.


Having decking lets you enjoy your garden without having to sit or stand directly on the ground. Getting to and from it, however, is usually a different matter.

While this isn't usually a problem, it can be messy if the ground is soft after rainfall. Building a simple path to your deck gives you and your guests somewhere firm to walk, and using your leftover timbers means it will complement your deck perfectly.

Extra mini deck

If you have enough timber left over, why not build another small deck? This is great for kids, who love having their own special space. You can even get them to help you decorate it.

Alternatively, your smaller deck can be a good place to keep the barbecue, put some potted plants or even place some bird feeders.

Water features

Watching running water is relaxing, and having a water feature can really enhance your landscaping. Using decking timber and some simple pond liner, you can create a small pond or fountain that's raised off the ground, which is safer if there are children around.

Whether or not you stock it with fish, your water feature will give you many hours of peaceful contemplation as you watch the rippling, flowing water.

If you're interested in any of the above projects, talk to a decking timber supplier in your area.