• Understanding Wastewater Design

    There are two types of properties when it comes to wastewater treatment and disposal: properties that are provided with water authority services and those that are not. •    Properties That Are Provided with Council or Water Authority Services (these are mostly urban areas): These properties are supplied with a sewer system that directs all wastewater from different households to a central location owned, controlled and maintained by the council or water authority organisation for treatment and disposal purposes.
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  • The Don'ts of Timber Roof Trusses

    When you ask most people what the most important part of a building is, the most common answer you will get is 'the foundation.' While it is true that the foundation guarantees the stability of a home, there is no denying that the roof is also an important part. This is because the roof protects the occupants from external elements. Over the years, roof designs have changed considerably with timber roof trusses becoming the most popular among homeowners.
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