Three times it is best to call a structural engineer

Posted on: 17 July 2020

With any building project, the stability of the final structure has to be one of your primary concerns. If you are creating a new building, you will have a team of people working to ensure that both the initial plans and the subsequent building stages are completed safely and that your new property will last for many years. One of the contributors to your team is likely to be a structural engineer, but they will be just one of many people involved. By contrast, if your intentions are more modest and you aren't building something entirely new, then you may not think that a structural engineer is needed. Here are three occasions when it is still worth speaking to one.

Inspecting your building

If your home is starting to show its age, a structural engineer could be the right person to examine it and ensure that it is still safe to live in. If your property roof has started to sag or if you have noticed jagged cracks starting to creep down your walls, calling a structural engineer may be the best course of action. They will be able to take a detailed look at the problem and advise on the right thing to do to remedy the situation.

Building an extension

If you are adding an additional reception room or bedroom on the side of your home, you will need to dig near the foundations of your property, and you risk causing serious damage. Having a structural engineer on hand to advise you could be invaluable. The structural engineer will be able to make the appropriate calculations and ensure that all of the work meets the building regulations and will not affect the structural integrity of your property.

Adding weight to your property

Sometimes you want to build upwards and add another storey to your property. At other times, you might want to add solar panels or a wind turbine to your roof. Maybe you simply want to fit another roof of a heavier construction to your property. All of these things could have a serious effect on the structural integrity of your property. Your existing foundation may not have been built to cater to the additional weight and could start to crumble if too much weight is applied. A structural engineer will be able to find a solution that will allow you to safely add the needed weight to your property.

To learn more, contact a structural engineer.