House Extensions That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Posted on: 15 January 2018

Buying your first home is not exclusively about becoming free of rental obligations. Having your property also presents you with an opportunity to build your asset portfolio. Nonetheless, if you want to see the value of your property steadily increase over time, you may want to consider making some improvements that would keep it ahead of the competition. One of the best renovations you could invest in as a home extension. Extensions not only increase the floor space, but they can also improve how functional your home whether by providing you with an extra living space, storage and so on. Read on for some of the house extensions that will definitely increase the value of your home. 

Construct a second storey

If your budget is not restrictive, a second-storey extension would be a top-notch option for your home extension. Second-storey additions are highly prized as they provide you with virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to making use of the floor space.  Secondly, the increased height of the property translates into better views of your surroundings too! If you live in a location that is particularly picturesque, a second-storey extension would be perfect for boosting your property value.

Construct a conservatory

One of the trends that are dominating Aussie households in recent times is the indoor-outdoor living phenomena. However, integrating this element of design into your home is not exclusive to installing bifold doors or French windows. If you would like to experience all the sunshine your location has to offer without having to worry about direct exposure, a conservatory would be a great extension of your property. A conservatory not only allows for you to have an extra entertainment area that is functional all year round, but it can also be your space for calm and relaxation when you need a break from everyone else. Be sure to use double glazed glass and ultraviolet resistant window film to make sure that radiation and thermal gain are not a concern to bear.

Construct a loft

People will typically not consider integrating a loft into their home if it did not originally have one in the design. Nevertheless, loft conversions are one of the more straightforward yet efficient extensions you could consider to boost the value of your property. The great thing about a loft is that it is a multipurpose space. Whether it is an extra bedroom that you need, a lounge area, a games room and anything else you can think of, a loft conversion would suffice. Moreover, a loft conversion is much more affordable to undertake in when compared to an external extension, as this space does not need property development from the ground up!