Key Guidelines for the Proper Use of Scaffolds

Posted on: 15 January 2018

Scaffolds are useful construction equipment for providing support to workers on site. They make it possible for the safe and effective construction of tall structures. Scaffolding comes in different types and serves multiple functions. There are scaffolds that are used for skyscrapers, commercial buildings and residential projects.

Before engaging scaffolding hire services, there are important guidelines that you should keep in mind as it pertains to their use. Scaffolding needs to be utilized according to workplace safety regulations that are set by the government and other municipalities.

Here are important guidelines you should keep in mind before engaging in scaffold hire.

Fall protection

Each scaffold must have some form of fall protection system to protect workers on the job. Any person who is 3 metres above the ground should have a guardrail that prevents them from falling over while on the scaffold.

The guardrails should be tall and sturdy enough to support a person of average height/weight. Work with scaffolding hire to ensure that all your scaffolds meet this minimum requirement.

The heights of guardrails

Guardrails must be between 0.9 metres to 1.2 metres in height. In between each guardrail should be a midrail that lies about halfway between the top and bottom of the guardrail.

The midrail prevents workers from slipping in between the guardrail bars and falling over. A reputable scaffolding hire company will ensure that all the scaffolds they provide are properly equipped with mid and guardrails.


The platforms are the surface upon which workers and their tools will be relying on for support. The platforms should be sturdy enough for a safe working environment. Make sure all platforms are adequately planked or decked for stability.

Proper training

The leading cause of accidents when using scaffolds is poorly trained workers. Make sure your workers are aware of all relevant safety procedures when using scaffolds. Implement regular training programs to remind your employees of the important scaffolding safety procedures. A scaffolding hire can also advise you on important safety tips that surround the use of this equipment.

Regular Inspections

Scaffolds should be regularly inspected for potential issues after every use, or after any repairs have been carried out. It is wise to implement an inspection routine that can be done after every work shift. This ensures a high standard of safety when using the scaffold.

In addition, professionals from your scaffolding hire can assist you with proper maintenance of the scaffold throughout the construction process.