The Pros of Using an Overlay as Your Concrete Protective Coating

Posted on: 15 January 2018

If you are unfamiliar with concrete protective coatings, chances are you are conjuring up images of bland top layers that do not add any appeal to the concrete but instead merely essentially function to prolong its lifespan. This assumption is untrue, though. As homeowners pay meticulous attention to their kerb appeal, concrete manufacturers have taken notice and made a concerted effort to develop supplies that are both functional and visually pleasing. Over the years, concrete overlays have seen a surge in popularity, as they provide homeowners with an affordable yet striking alternative to keeping their concrete surfaces in pristine condition. So what are the pros that you should expect when you choose overlays as your preferred concrete protective coating?

Unparalleled aesthetics

Although concrete may be the go-to construction material for driveways, walkways, kerbing and more, it certainly isn't one of the most attractive options in the market. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the exterior of the property has to be bland. Overlays are one of the best protective coatings you can choose, as they provide you with a wide selection of finishes to boost the beauty of your concrete surfaces. For starters, you have the flexibility to choose from a vast host of colours and patterns, so you have the best shot of complementing your current exterior décor choices.

Secondly, overlays can also be installed in an array of textures. So, if you would like to mimic other materials such as brick, timber and even natural stone, you have the chance of doing so. The wide selection of finishes inadvertently increases the value of your home, as the overlay will provide your property with a unique character.

Outstanding durability

Protective coatings fundamentally function to prolong the lifespan of your concrete. However, you need to select a coating that will also be able to withstand the elements it is exposed to so that you are not tasked with routine reapplication of the finish. Overlays are popular, as they are intrinsically durable. Once the overlay has been applied and allowed to cure and set adequately, it is less vulnerable to cracking and cosmetic damages as compared to other coatings.

In addition to this, overlays also work to deter weed growth, as the finish does not have any joint lines. As a result, your concrete flooring will not be susceptible to cracking to the same degree as unfinished surfaces would be. And, in the unlikely event that the overlay does begin to capitulate to wear, it can easily be remedied with some sealer.