Three Ways To Make Sure Your Hired Portaloos Enhance Your Outdoor Event

Posted on: 16 January 2018

Hiring a portaloo for an outdoor event is a straightforward affair. You calculate how many people you think will attend, and then you hire the appropriate number of portaloos based on the suggestion of the hire company. However, getting the portaloos to the event is only one part of the puzzle. The other part is making sure the portaloos are a positive experience for your guests, rather than one which leads to complaints and bad reviews. These four tips will make sure your portaloo hires are an event success.

Carefully consider location

The location of the portaloos is essential to making the event a success. You do not want to place the loos far away because people will complain about the walk. But, you also do not want to place them too close to eating or drinking areas in case there is any smell.

Be sure to place the portaloos in an area which is flat, dry, and easily seen from all parts of the event. If the event takes place over a large field, consider splitting up the portaloos and placing them on each edge of the event. You can also place helpful signage near eating and drinking areas which point to the location of the portaloos

Combat the smell

Portaloos are not supposed to smell, but there are also steps you can take to mask any odour which may appear:

  • invest in air freshener can and deodorisers to be placed within the portaloos
  • hire a cleaner to regularly move through the toilets to give them a scrubbing good clean
  • make sure there are plenty of rubbish bins close by for your guests to place their trash, so food scraps etc. are not left inside the portaloos

The more often the toilets are cleaned, the less the chance of smells developing. This is particularly prudent when an event is held on a hot day.

Don't forget the hand washing

Finally, make sure you hire hand washing stations to place next to the portaloos. Some portaloos come with hand washing within them, but if you place extra hand-washing stations outside the units, your guests are reminded to keep up good hygiene. This also stops people using the portaloos just to wash their hands after eating; which leaves the toilets available to the guests who need to use them for their original intent.

Your portaloo hire company also has other ideas about how to use the portaloo successfully at an event, and they are more than happy to share information if you ask for it.