2 Concrete Additives That Will Make Your Concrete Patio Base More Attractive

Posted on: 17 January 2018

Concrete slabs are an enduringly popular choice as the base of a backyard patio. Concrete is strong, durable and versatile and very cost effective in comparison to many other materials. Unfortunately, raw concrete can also be a little dull, which may make it less appealing for your new patio. However, it's possible to have a concrete slab that looks incredible as well as being highly functional and practical. Here are two great materials that you can add to your concrete mix to create an attractive and unique base for your home's new patio.

1. Coloured aggregate

Aggregate is one of the primary ingredients added to concrete as it's prepared. Its primary function is to help the concrete bind together into a strong mass. Generally, the aggregate is made from blue stone, gravel or crushed, recycled concrete. By adding coloured aggregate, you can create a concrete slab that is more appealing and bright than standard concrete.

Popular choices for coloured aggregate are river stones, quartz chips or glass pebbles. You can also add seashells for a beach themed look that recreates the feel of natural stone with fossils. Once the concrete is poured, you can have it lightly sanded which exposes the aggregate and creates a beautiful pattern to the surface.

2. Concrete colourant

Another way to brighten up and enhance the look of concrete is to add a concrete colourant during the mixing process. Concrete colourant gives the concrete a rich, permanent colour throughout the entire body of your patio base. This option is a superior choice over coloured sealants which only colour the top layer of concrete and are prone to scratching and erosion over time.

There is a virtually limitless choice of colours available to use to enhance the look of your new patio base. These range from subtle and natural tones through to bright and bold colours depending on your personal tastes. Concrete colourant also works incredibly well when combined with contrasting or complementary coloured aggregate for a truly eye-catching finish.

If you like the thought of using one or both of these concrete enhancing elements to create a striking and attractive patio base, then discuss your ideas with your chosen concrete contractor. They'll be able to provide you with a range of different options and materials that will help to ensure that your new concrete patio base makes a stunning and personalised addition to your home.