Three Practical Tips for Planning a Machine Shed for Your Farm Equipment

Posted on: 18 January 2018

If you have some agricultural machines on your farm, you should think about building a shed on your property. This structure will protect your equipment from the adverse outdoor conditions. Consequently, the machinery will serve you for longer and retain a higher trade-in value. In addition, a storage shed will provide security against unscrupulous persons, and it can be used to store other items such as fertiliser, seeds and pesticides. If you are building a storage shed for the first time, you should consider using these simple guidelines for effective planning for your structure. 

Choose the Correct Location

You should select the right location for the construction of your shed. The placement of your equipment shed will determine the functionality of your new storage space. Moreover, your choice will have an impact on the appeal of the entire farm. There are multiple factors that you can consider when looking for a suitable site. You should think about equipment access into the area and proximity to the fields in which they will be used. Also, you should evaluate the slope, road access and machine clearance. In addition, you should choose a site that will not interfere with existing structures and their functions.

Calculate the Right Size 

You should consider the future application of your shed and plan for the construction of a structure of the most appropriate size. The sizing of your shed is an important element because it will determine the utility of your space. If the structure is too small, you might not be able to fit all your machinery inside comfortably. On the other hand, you do not want to construct an oversized shed because of the high costs. Under ideal circumstances, you should build a structure which will allow you to store all your equipment and move in and out in each of your machines without repositioning the others. If you are planning on purchasing more equipment, you should prepare early for a potential expansion. 

Decide on the Layout

Finally, you should choose the correct layout for your farm equipment storage shed. The right layout plan will depend on the available size of your building and the type of equipment that you plan on placing in the space. Your primary factor of focus when designing the layout should be the equipment traffic flow. You should review your operations and your patterns of equipment usage, such as determining which machines are used frequently and which are used rarely before deciding on the configuration of the storage space.

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