Cooling Tower Maintenance: Three Practical Tips for Promoting Optimal Performance

Posted on: 22 January 2018

Cooling towers are beneficial in diverse cooling applications in industrial and commercial setups. In general, these structures use an evaporative heat rejection system for cooling machinery and managing HVAC appliances. This technology is incredibly efficient because it uses water for cooling purposes. However, like other cooling systems, the cooling tower requires regular care and maintenance. If the unit is neglected, it will experience inefficiencies and fail prematurely. Here are some practical maintenance tips to help you keep your cooling tower in exceptional condition. 

Keep the Tower Clean

Cooling towers are designed to recycle the water used in heat-rejection applications. This aspect of the system minimises the long-term running costs and keeps the technology environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the water can accumulate debris and dirt over time. The dirty water will not reject heat efficiently. Moreover, the grime will cover the interior surfaces of the tower. To avoid these problems, you should clean the cooling tower as recommended by the manufacturer. Draining the dirty water and scrubbing the interior structures with a power washer should promote ideal performance.

Treat the Water

You should only use treated water in your cooling tower. If the water supply in the tank is not treated correctly, your heat rejection system will become contaminated. In simple terms, the standard water supply contains numerous microbial organisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae. If these microorganisms enter the warm cooling tower environment, they will grow and cause cooling inefficiencies. Therefore, you should treat the water supply with appropriate biocides to eliminate the growths. It is also advisable to treat water hardness to prevent the formation of scale in the tower.

Perform Visual Inspections

You should conduct a visual inspection of your cooling tower regardless of the structural size. This practice is critical for detecting malfunctions and physical damage, allowing for fast resolution. You should check the components for breakage and cracks. If there are worn elements, you should commission immediate replacement. It is also advisable to test the electrical units in your tower and make sure that they are performing at the desired levels. Check the belt drive system and ensure that there is sufficient tension. If not, you should make appropriate adjustments. Additionally, you should lubricate the fan shaft bearings regularly to prevent frictional wear. 

Your cooling tower can malfunction and fail even if you perform the recommended maintenance work. If you notice inefficiencies and abnormal working of the heat rejection system, you should consult an experienced contractor at a company like Marley Flow Control Pty Ltd for professional troubleshooting and repair.