Why you should never forget your land survey

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Are you looking for land surveyors? If you have recently purchased land that you want to develop then you will need to arrange for land surveyors to examine the site before you can begin to build on it. Don't take a risk and begin to build before you have had a full survey conducted on the land. It can be tempting to try and save time by building your property and applying for planning permission afterwards but that is a highly risky strategy and could lead to you being forced to demolish your new building at your own expense.

Why you need a survey on your land

The work that land surveyors do is essential to the successful completion of your building project. You will need to talk to them about identifying where your property boundaries are located and where your new building is going to be situated. Their survey will identify any potential legal conflicts with other land owners and act as the supporting documentation for any planning application you submit to your local planning authority.

This may sound like dry and uninteresting legal technicalities, but if you attempt to skip any stages and don't bother with a proper survey then you are going to run into serious trouble. Without getting land surveyors to fully survey your land you can't be sure exactly what you own, and you will not be able to legally build anything either.

Is getting a survey complicated?

Surveying is not usually a lengthy process but it does need to be conducted by qualified professionals. To collect the information for their report the land surveyors will have to measure your land using theodolites to determine the horizontal and vertical planes of the site. The next stage will be to examine all the physical parameters of your building site and to accurately fix the location of any buildings your are proposing to construct. Once the locations of the buildings have been identified it is time to stake out the land to show on the ground where the construction must take place. Sometimes the staking out will be done by the land surveyors, and sometimes it is the role of the building company to do this. Whoever does the work it must be conducted in accordance with the survey produced by your land surveyors.

Ensuring that you have a detailed survey identifying exactly what building is proposed is essential to the success of your construction project.