Sky And Mighty: The Benefits Of Adding Skylights To Your Garage

Posted on: 24 January 2018

Whether your garage is simply a sheltered place to store your car, or a full-blown workshop used for crafting all manner of odds and ends, allowing a little natural light into its otherwise dark interior will make it a much more pleasant place to be and work. Consequently, many homeowners choose to have skylights installed in the roofs of their garages, and whether your garage is attached, detached, large or small, installing a skylight comes with a host of benefits.

What are the benefits of installing skylights in my garage?

Less reliance on artificial lighting

Since most garages are bereft of either windows or skylights, and garage doors are generally windowless due to security concerns, most garage owners have to rely entirely on artificial lighting to navigate through them. A judiciously-placed skylight can provide a significant amount of natural light during daylight hours, which can dramatically reduce your reliance on artificial light sources.

This source of natural light can dramatically reduce the amount of artificial lighting that your garage requires, which can take a sizable chunk out of your energy bills and make your home, as a whole, more environmentally friendly. Natural light also produces less glare than most artificial light sources, which can be handy if you spend long periods of time working in your garage, and your eyes start to feel the strain.

Anti-fungal properties

Many garages suffer from perennial problems with mould, a natural consequence of the average garage's poor ventilation and humid interior. Sunlight is a potent anti-fungal agent, and allowing even a small amount of natural light into your garage through a skylight can significantly curtail the growth and spread of mould and other unpleasant fungal growths.

More secure than windows

Some garage owners who seek more natural light install windows in the walls of their garages, but conventional windows can present an inviting entry point for thieves and burglars; hardly ideal when cars and other expensive pieces of equipment are kept within. Skylights provide much more security, denying easy access to intruders and presenting a less visible gap in your home security to passing ne'er-do-wells.

Improved ventilation

Improving the amount of fresh air your garage receives doesn't just help with reducing the growth of mould; it also allows fumes from paint, gasoline and other noxious substances to dissipate more quickly, making your garage a more healthy and pleasant place to be in general. Skylights provide excellent ventilation, and since they are harder to access than windows, they can be left ajar for longer periods (such as overnight) without worrying about leaving your belongings vulnerable to thieves.

To learn about what installing a skylight would involve, contact skylight window manufacturers who can tell you about your options.