How piling ensures a stable foundation for your building

Posted on: 26 January 2018

A strong foundation is essential to support your building. Whether you want to create a new build property or just add a room to an existing building you need to be sure that what you build will stand the test of time. Before you start building work it is important that you begin with a detailed survey of your land to ensure it is stable enough to support your building. If any issues are highlighted by the survey you should discuss the results with a qualified building professional who will be able to guide you towards the most appropriate solutions.

How can piling help you?

If you discover that the ground conditions on your land make it unstable then employing piling techniques may be the best solution to ensure that you are able to create a stable foundation for your new building project. A pile is simply a long cylinder made of a strong material, such as concrete or steel. The pile is inserted into the ground and used to support the building foundations. A foundation resting on piles is capable of supporting a much greater weight than more traditional spread footings.

Which type of piling is right for me?

Your piling expert will be able to suggest the most suitable type of piling for your situation. There are two different piling solutions that could be used depending on the nature of the ground you want to build on. Friction piles are pushed into the ground and then transfer the weight of your structure to the soil surrounding the pile. End bearing piles are pushed far enough into the ground to allow them to rest on rock and support the structure that way.

Which piling contractor should you choose?

It is important that you have complete confidence in your chosen piling contractor. When you are going through the process of choosing a contractor don't be afraid to ask lots of questions before making your decision. Ask them about the piling solution they are suggesting and why they think it is best. Ask them about the equipment they will use, and whether it will available for the entire duration of the project. Make sure that all of your concerns are addressed before you agree to hire the piling contractor. Once work on your piling has begun you should ensure that you are kept informed at every stage of the process and that the piling contractor advises you on every aspect of the project.

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