How to look for a gearbox repair company

Posted on: 26 January 2018

When your heavy machinery malfunctions with a faulty transmission or gearbox you need to know a reliable engineer you can call on to come and repair it without delay. When your machinery is broken and your workers are already idle is not the best time to starting looking for someone to conduct heavy machinery gearbox repairs. Ideally you should already know the best company to engage to repair the gearbox and get your factory running again with the minimum of delay. Searching for your repair company before you need them will give you time to conduct a proper investigation of prospective engineers and provide you with confidence that they will have the right blend of skills and experience to undertake your gearbox repairs and get your machinery up and running without delay.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask any prospective repair company.

Will they carry out preventative maintenance checks?

Why would you wait for a problem to become serious before calling an engineer? Conducting regular maintenance checks is a far more efficient way of looking after your machinery. Arranging for an engineer to check the equipment at a time when it is not in use will help to catch most mechanical problems before they stop your machinery working. Why wait until your gears are worn out and slipping, or your clutch or transmission failing before you call someone? Get it fixed now before it gets worse and you have unscheduled downtime at your busiest time of the month.

Are you familiar with my machinery?

If you need gearbox repairs or have a major fault with your heavy machinery you will need to find a company that has experience repairing similar equipment from the same manufacturer. Finding a repair company with experience in similar gearbox repairs or refurbishment means that not will they know exactly what to do to resolve the problem but they are much more likely to have the replacement parts in stock. This will significantly reduce the amount of downtime for your machine, as there will be no delay waiting for parts to arrive.

Are you available when I need you?

Don't commit to a repair company until you have checked their availability. You need a company with a team of experts that does gearbox repairs at a time that suits you, not when it suits them. Find a company that is prepared to fit into your schedule and make site visits at a time that is convenient for you.