How to repair chipped areas of your kerb

Posted on: 29 January 2018

Many people fear to deal with concrete kerbs because it seems like one of the most complicated building materials to operate. However, there are times when it becomes close to impossible to avoid making minor repairs on your concrete, especially when the kerb has served you for some years, and it is starting to disintegrate. One of the common damages that happen to kerbs as they age is that they start chipping. The extent of the damage that has occurred to the edges of your kerb determines the type of repair you will do to it. The following guidelines will be of great help.

Getting ready for the job

If the side of the kerb you will be repairing is close to any part of the home, you need to ensure that the doors and windows have been closed. The process of removing the ruined parts of the concrete to repair and replace it leads to the formation of a massive cloud of dust. Leaving openings will lead to the debris accumulating on furniture inside the house and other surfaces. Closing the door and windows will, therefore, spare you a house cleaning.

Cutting out the chipped areas

A saw and masonry blade is the tool which is recommended for the repair. You should cut a half inch deep shoulder around the area that has spalled and ensure that you have cut into solid concrete in the process. Cutting into the concrete is what will help you create a stable surface for bonding. Chisel out the areas of the kerb which are weak and then brush away all the remaining debris. At the same time, you need to ensure that the cut you make is deep enough because when the cut is too shallow, the patch will eventually break off and ruin your kerb even further.

Pouring the patch

You need the expert guidance of a concrete contractor to take you through the process of mixing the patching material. When you are sure that the material is thoroughly mixed and ready, take your time and fill in the chipped areas. Be sure to protect the patches from interference and possible damage.

These are the steps you ought to follow when repairing a worn out and chipped kerb. However, if you feel that the chipping on your outdoors is excessive, and simple repairs will not work, it is essential to start thinking about getting a competent contractor to replace the entire part of the kerb.