Everything That's Great About Metal Roofs

Posted on: 5 March 2018

Without a doubt, metal is one of the most beneficial roofing materials available. Compared to other alternatives, there is a lot that is cool about metal roofs. Firstly, the savings on air conditioning will be significant. That's right; a metal roof will make your home cooler and save you on AC costs. As metal roofing contractors will confirm, the secret to how energy efficient a metal roof will be lies in the finishing chosen. If left unpainted, the metal roof will reflect more radiation and absorb less heat compared to asphalt.

The coolness doesn't end there though. There are other benefits you will enjoy from having a metal roof;

They Can Be Recycled and Reused

In an era where everyone is trying to play their part to protect and conserve the environment, you will be glad you used metal for your roofing choice. Unlike asphalt that mostly ends up in landfills at the end of its useful cycle, metal is almost entirely recyclable. A whopping 95% of aluminium used in roofs, for instance, is recyclable.

In addition, metal roofs have a longer lifespan after installation. You will, thus, not have a need for metal roofing contractors for a long while. Indeed the only 'green' roofing material in the industry, metal will offer you the lightest yet strongest material to shelter your head.


When properly installed by a professional metal roofing contractor, a metal roof will last the home's lifetime with little maintenance. Metallic roofs will withstand extreme weather elements and all their different extremes. Their longevity means that once installed, a metal roof can last up to three times more than a tiled roof and with less maintenance. 

Moreover, metal roofs don't crack, fade, peel or disintegrate with time.  The roof repels pests more and complements rainwater collection systems too. These advantages prompt some insurance providers to give you discounts on premiums should you install a metal roof. 

Increased Resale Value

Working with roofing contractors to install a metal roof for your home significantly increases the value of your house. The real estate market will be quick to respond to your house having a roof that will last incredibly long and with almost zero maintenance. Accordingly, having a metal roofing contractor install one for you will immediately drive up the price of your house.

The metal roof will also save you considerable savings from having to call metal roofing contractors regularly to make repairs. It's these benefits and more that you should consider as you decide whether to use metal roofing for your home.