Survey Services - Why You Should Invest In Drone Technology

Posted on: 1 May 2018

Before you can embark on construction on your lot, one of the most critical assessments to have done is a topographical land survey. This survey is essential to enlighten your contractors on the state of the land before they can begin developing it. It typically is conducted manually and is a long and arduous process to ensure precise mapping out of the property. However, as tech advances, there is an advanced method of doing this through drones. If you are planning to hire survey services, below are the fundamental reasons to opt for drone technology.

Drone technology limits the risk of the topographical survey

Land surveying may sound like a straightforward endeavour, but when you get to the nitty-gritty, it can be quite a hazardous project. People do not bear in mind that rugged terrain and extreme elevation can put the surveyors at risk of falling and acquiring a serious injury. If this is to happen, not only will the survey take longer than it should but also there are unexpected medical expenses to deal with. Drone technology is the safest way in which you can conduct a topographical survey of your land without sacrificing on the accuracy of your results.

Drone technology accelerates the data acquisition process

A massive benefit of drone technology to your project is that it cuts short the duration of the topographical survey tremendously! Construction projects are renowned for being plagued by surpassing the estimated deadline. And in an industry where time is money, this could translate into expensive costs for you overall. With drone technology, you get to stick to the projected schedule because the survey will take a fraction of the time as compared to if it was conducted manually. As data is retrieved in real time, your contractors can start mapping the lot and figuring out how best to start developing it.

Drone technology provides unparalleled data resolution

Although land surveys can be carried out on ground manually, it should be noted that an aerial view is much better for the retrieval of topographical data. The great thing about drones is that they do not have to fly at a specific height above the ground. Instead, they are capable of going close to the ground to get high definition shots of your property while also zooming out to get a clear scope of the entire lot. Once the drone is done with surveying the land, your contractors can curate three-dimensional maps that will provide an accurate representation of your property.