3 Solutions for a Noisy Motor on Your Roller Shutter

Posted on: 12 December 2018

Everybody would love a quiet environment whether it is at home or workplace. Roller shutters may disrupt your peace when someone opens or closes them. Motorised roller shutters will get noisy after a while if they are not properly maintained. However, most people will ignore the roller doors until the noise becomes unbearable. At this point, they will decide to take action on the roller shutters to reduce the noise. The following are some solutions for a very noisy motor on your roller shutters.


In order for motor parts on your roller shutters to work properly, you need to lubricate them frequently. If you do not lubricate the metal moving parts, they will become noisy, and will, in turn, disrupt your peace. Lubrication will not only solve the noise issue on the motor parts, but it will also ensure that the parts work more efficiently. However, you should not lubricate these parts with just any lubricant especially the thick ones. You should check and find the lubricant that the manufacturers of the roller shutters recommend. In order to lubricate all the metal parts of the motor well, you should remove its covering so as to reach all the parts.

Inspect the Motor for Any Damage

The motor could be noisy because some of its parts are damaged or loose. You should inspect the motor to determine whether any of the parts are loose. Tighten loose screws if you notice any. The reel or wheel could have been displaced in position hence leading to a noisy roller shutter. Ensure that these items are in the right position and if not adjust them. 

You should also make sure that the slats are not misaligned. It is important that you ensure that the motor gears are not corroded or rusty. Rusty gears will produce noise when they are operated. If the corrosion or rust on the gears is slight, they can be cleaned. However, if the parts are overly corroded, it is essential that you replace these items.

Replace the Motor

If you keep repairing the motor, but it does not solve the noise issue, it could be that the motor is old. If the motor has been in use for a long time, it will be less efficient hence it may be noisy during operation. Therefore, you should consider replacing the motor with a new one. You can replace the motor on your own just by following instructions on the manual. Test the roller shutter after installing the motor to check if there is a difference.