Vital Plumbing Tips When Remodelling Your Kitchen

Posted on: 25 February 2019

Remodels have become a trend taking over Australia, due in part to the numerous shows on television that focus on home improvement. Thus, if your kitchen has not been sparking joy in your life for a while now, you may be thinking about how best to renovate it so that it becomes more appealing and functional too. However, remodelling your kitchen is not the same as renovating your living room since there is pipework to consider. One false step during your renovation process can lead to disastrous results causing a plumbing emergency. Read on for a few vital plumbing tips when remodelling your kitchen.

Tip 1: Leave the layout of your plumbing intact

You may think that if you are renovating your kitchen, it is the perfect opportunity for you to switch where your sink is and relocate your dishwasher. However, this is a misassumption. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is changing the layout of their plumbing and subsequently having to spend more time and money on the renovation. When you change the placement of your plumbing, your plumber will have to create new connections, rip up the floors and walls and install new pipes. Instead, you should choose to leave the layout intact and instead invest in new appliances to complement your new kitchen design.

Tip 2: Do not forget about hidden plumbing features

There is a host of plumbing fixtures in your kitchen that are not within view. A few of the fixtures that are easy to forget about when you engage in a kitchen remodel include copper piping that is connected to your fridge or shut-off valves for water connections under your sink. If you are planning to relocate any appliance, it is advisable to ensure that these hidden plumbing fixtures are integrated into your remodel too. Take note, however, that some fixtures may be challenging to relocate depending on the water connections available in your kitchen.

Tip 3: Expand the size of your drains

Blocked drains are one of the biggest problems that homeowners face in the kitchen. But blocked drains are bound to happen since debris will steadily make its way down your pipes and form clogs. If you are carrying out a kitchen remodel, this will be the best time to replace your drains with bigger ones. Moreover, drain replacement does not require any modifications to any of your appliances that require a water connection!

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