5 Amazing Benefits of a Single-Storey Home Design

Posted on: 24 May 2019

For most people, owning a home is an important part of their long-term plan. You can opt to either buy a home or construct a house as per your needs and wants. Therefore, there's a lot that you need to consider as a property owner. First, you need to decide whether you'll have a single-storey or a double-storey house. Depending on your location, budget, property size, local property market and personal taste, you can decide which option suits you best. However, below are five amazing benefits of a single-storey house for you to consider.

1. Wide Appeal. Single-storey houses appeal to most people due to their ease of access. For instance, the elderly and physically challenged may find it difficult to use staircases and may prefer having all their rooms within reach. Or a young family with toddlers may prefer to avoid houses with staircases due to the safety of their children. While security gates for the stairs may be a good option, it's always safer to consider single-storey houses when you have toddlers.

2. Affordability. Constructing a single-storey property is cheaper than building a double-storey apartment. Single-storey houses require fewer materials, which reduces the costs significantly. Also, professional fees and the costs of constructing bungalow apartments are relatively cheaper due to the simplicity of these structures.

3. Efficient Space Usage. Double-storey properties give you an illusion of space due to their extra floor. In actuality, the staircase consumes a lot of space that is part of the floor area. Therefore, if you choose a property without an extra floor above, you'll have some extra space, as the space in each room will be utilized well. Also, a professionally designed single-storey home will give an impression of an open house with large entrances and walkways.

4. Easy to Maintain. For a single-storey property, general chores and annual maintenance tasks are easy and convenient to conduct. When cleaning, moving from room to room with your cleaning products and vacuum cleaner can be a little bit hectic when you have to carry them up a staircase. When it comes to maintenance tasks such as repainting your house or cleaning your gutter, it's relatively easier in single-storey houses than it is in double-storey ones.

5. Increased Energy Efficiency. Single-storey home designs are easier to heat and cool. Most single-storey plans consist of a central common room surrounded by other rooms. Such a design allows cooled and heated air to flow easily throughout the entire house, saving on HVAC costs.

Finally, without the need to have another floor above, your designer can include taller ceilings and skylight windows to increase airflow and light within your house. Make sure to think carefully before choosing a designer to help you enjoy the benefits of single-storey home designs.