Benefits of Custom Trench Grates for Residential Property

Posted on: 21 June 2019

As a homeowner, you already know proper drainage is important. You need to make sure water is moved away from the roofline, the home and that is not moving to an area where it pools or stands on the property. This usually means having not only the proper guttering but also the proper trench grates. Most grates may look too industrial, and this means a custom grate is a possible option. Before you overlook custom options, here are some benefits to using custom trench gates and how they can benefit your residential property.

Custom Flow Needs

The largest problem on your property and drainage is likely with the flow of the water on the property. You may need grates that can handle a heavy, fast flow of rainwater while other areas need trench grates that handle a slower flow but heavier debris. If this is the case, custom grates are ideal. Your contractor can create or suggest grates that will work with these different flow conditions, while still giving you the look you want for your landscape.

Decorative Designs

One of the issues many homeowners have with trench grates is the industrial look of them. This is especially true if you have spent a lot of time and energy on your landscaping. If you are trying to avoid the industrial look of most grates, then a custom designed option is ideal. The contractor can create a trench grate design that works with the rest of your landscaping and any design you already have. They can incorporate decorative scrollwork and other options to give you a grate that can handle the water flow as well as look appealing to visitors. 

Cleaning Options

You may not think about cleaning your grates when you have trench grates installed. The truth is, some can be more difficult to lift and clean than others. A benefit to using custom-designed trench grates is the ability to have options such as easy lift handles installed. You want to make sure that the cleaning options you have installed are ones that are easy for you to handle but also easy for others if you hire someone to clean the property. 

When you are ready to have your custom trench grates designed, contact a local manufacturer or contractor. They can help you with design options and with installation questions. They can also help if you aren't sure what grates may be ideal for your property. In many cases, the contractor will offer an on-site consultation to see the property and determine which options they may want to consider to meet your needs.