Don't Let Your Toilet Embarrass You in Front of Your Visitors

Posted on: 31 July 2019

Although all plumbing problems require professional attention, some can't go for more than 24 hours before they are fixed. You may wait and call in a plumber to fix your dripping faucet this weekend, but you can't do the same when your toilet is blocked or overflowing. This would even compel you to contact a professional plumber to fix the problem within an hour. You don't want to imagine a situation where the toilet has stopped working, and your visitors are on their way coming. It's hard to identify the exact toilet problem, but you can always know when something is wrong with it. You should contact an emergency plumber if:

You Flush Multiple Times to Clear the Bowl

You shouldn't flush several times to clear the toilet bowl if your toilet is in good condition. If the waste in the toilet bowl won't flush down the drain when you flush once, then something is wrong. It's normal for a toilet to be flushed twice if the bowl contains a large amount of waste. You will flush about three times to get rid of small waste in the bowl if the small holes around the toilet rim are clogged. Hard water and accumulated minerals usually clog the toilet rim holes. You will also flush severally if your toilet pipes and drain are blocked. If an emergency plumber doesn't unblock the toilet pipes and drains quickly, a major toilet overflow will happen.

Toilet Water Runs Consistently

You have an urgent plumbing problem if you hear water constantly running in the toilet. Water shouldn't constantly run for about 20 or 30 minutes after flushing the toilet. It's a common problem if the flapper valve doesn't close properly. Water in a toilet with a faulty flapper valve will continue running until the problem is fixed. Some flapper valves won't close properly after jiggling the toilet's handle, especially if they are broken. Call in a licensed plumber to come and replace the faulty flapper valve.

You Flush, and the Toilet Tank Can't Refill

Everyone expects the tank of their toilet to refill after flushing. However, this doesn't happen when the fill valve is faulty. Fill valves aren't repaired once they are broken; they are replaced. Replacing a fill valve is sophisticated, and you shouldn't do it if you don't have the right plumbing expertise and skills. Get a plumber to replace it so that your toilet tank can refill again.

You won't experience such toilet problems if your toilet is inspected regularly. The worst thing you can do is fixing any of the above toilet problems yourself. Always have the contacts of an emergency plumber on your phone-book to avoid embarrassment when such issues occur especially a day before your visitors arrive.