Let Your Bathroom Give You Something More than a Warm Shower

Posted on: 24 September 2019

Your bathroom is often one of the neglected wet household areas. Many people think about the kitchen and living room when adding decor or when renovating the house. But you may only discover your bathroom is a critical area when it develops some problems that make it unusable.

Waterproofing your bathroom is a must if you want to enjoy it and maintain it in good shape throughout the year. So why is bathroom waterproofing a must in your home? Read on!

Prevents Leakage

Bathroom leaks find their way into the foundation of your house through pores. Many people don't realise this until the leaking water causes a major structural problem in their home.

A second or third storey house with bathroom leaks can be in more danger since the leaking water damps the walls and floor. Damp flooring and walls cause regrettable damage and losses, while the water-drops touching the lights may cause serious short-circuit and electrocution mishaps.

However, bathroom leaks are easier to avoid if you regularly waterproof your bathroom.

Prevents Mould Growth and Other Microbial Infections

If you thought that creating damp walls and floors is the only problem that bathroom leaks would cause, just think about it again. A leaking bathroom creates a humid atmosphere that mould needs to grow. The humid environment also causes the plywood or wood in your bathroom to rot and dampen and eventually get damaged.

Mould growth is detrimental to your health, and you shouldn't allow it to grow in your bathroom. It can cause allergic reactions, lung problems and other microbial infections to you and your family. Adding a waterproof barrier between the topmost layer and the surface of your bathroom prevents condensation or humid formation.

Boosts Insulation

Many people don't understand how bathroom waterproofing enhances insulation. A waterproof bathroom is a great insulator. A non-waterproof bathroom won't be as friendly when the cold days come if you have attached it to the exterior section of your house. People living in snowy or hilly areas experience this problem, but they can waterproof their bathrooms to overcome it.

In addition, bathroom waterproofing lowers your energy bills because the bathroom is properly insulated and your heating system doesn't need to run for hours.

Bathroom waterproofing also boosts your property's value and enhances safety in a big way. A waterproof bathroom is suitable for the pregnant female family members, the elderly and children. Contact a company like Westside Sealants Pty Ltd or contractors to waterproof your bathroom and increase its comfort and value. They understand why waterproofing is critical, and they have the right skills and tools to make the process worthwhile.